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The next full PHX software course will be from the 18.8.2014 to the 5.9.2014

If you are interested in attending the training course send an email to

ASAP has given PHX courses to students from Nigeria, England, South Korea, Croatia, Russia, Portugal, Switzerland, Tanzania, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, New Zealand, and many others

1 Training modules

The PHX software training modules for procedure design contain the following items

1.1 On-line training module

All students will have access to the following on-line courses on a 24/7 basis.

  •  Autocad for aviation

– The Autocad on-line course is directly focused on professional aviation personnel that wish to use Autocad in an aviation environment. The course includes tutorials and exercises which will require approximately four complete working days to complete.

  • PHX software course for procedure design

– This on-line course will take approximately two and a half full working weeks to complete.

1.2 Classroom course module

This is a three week course and fully covers the use of the PHX procedure design software. The course is held at the ASAP training rooms in Pezinok, Slovakia. The next full procedure design software course is planned to start on the 18 of August 2014. The course includes classroom instruction and relevant PC exercises.