PHX V15 New Features And Enhancements

News in PHX V15

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PHX V15 New Programs

  • SBAS FAS Data Block PHX V15 has a new program for the creation and importation of a SBAS FAS Data Block KML Export
  • PHX V15 offers a new program for exporting objects into a KML file that can be used as an overlay in Google earth

PHX V15 Features

  • AIXM 5.1 Added support for AIXM 5.1 it provides: An exhaustive temporality model, including support for the temporary information contained in NOTAMs. Alignment with ISO standards for geospatial information, including the use of the Geography Markup Language (GML) Support for the latest ICAO and user requirements for aeronautical data including obstacles, terminal procedures and airport mapping databases Modularity and extensibility
  • ILS Basic Surface Construction The ability to evaluate obstacles was added to the ILS Basic Surface program.
  • Trees (Vertical Tolerance) Version 15 of PHX has an added ability to define exclusion areas where no vertical tolerance is to be applied.
  • Level Surface Obstacle Analyser Level Surface Obstacle Analyser (Secondary MOC Calculation) can now analyse multiple primary & secondary areas at once (complex areas).
  • Sloping Surface Obstacle Analyser Sloping Surface Obstacle Analyser (Turn Area Obstacle Analyser) can now analyse multiple primary & secondary areas at once (complex areas).
  • Layer Copy / Layer Change The program Layer copy / Change (Layer copy) has now an ability to copy objects to multiple layers or to change the layer of the selected objects.

PHX V15 Enhancements

  • Theoretical Magnetic Variation Determination This program was updated to support the latest World Magnetic Model 2015 – 2020.
  • Temperature Coreection Calculation This program was updated to support all three temperature correction routines (Approximate Correction, Linear Standard Correction, Off-standard Accurate Correction.
  • APV/Baro-VNAV Surface This program was updated to support VPA values higher than 3.5 degrees with a warning. The ability to enter a custom temperature correction value was added to this program.
  • Nominal Climb & Descent Nominal Climb & Descent program (Departure average flight path construction) can now specify a custom text height for annotations. It is also possible to undo the last action(s) when entering multiple positions.
  • RNAV Minimum Stabilisation Track Construction RNAV Minimum Stabilisation Track Construction program was updated to separate the construction of the ETP/LTP lines from the nominal track construction.
  • Secondary Obstacle Area Selection This program can now specify a line with two points or an arc with three points.
  • Obstacle Tables Obstacle tables now display line numbers. It is possible to remove duplicate entries and to automatically ignore empty columns when exporting to a QA document.
  • Quality Assurance Assistant QA Assistant was now shows the general section (parameters) as a separate entry.
  • Load Parameters Load Parameters function was updated with an ability to filter entries.