PHX Common Features

PHX Common Features

  • Compatibility with AutoCAD 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 *
  • Important note: PHX does not work with Autocad LITE. You must have the full 3D version of Autocad.
  • Compatibility with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Compatibility with 32- and 64-bit OS/AutoCAD
  • Conforms to ICAO Pans-Ops – The Airways Corporation of New Zealand has provided ASAP s.r.o. with their IFR procedure design software validation document thus meeting one of the latest ICAO requirements for software driven IFR procedure design
  • Free software support including online automatic updates
  • Yearly upgrades available for purchase
  • Interactive point and click user interface
  • Ability to add a lateral tolerance to the terrain and obstacle position information
  • Ability to add a vertical tolerance for trees and/or unknown structures onto terrain
  • Ability to analyse terrain from external reference files

* AutoCAD must be purchased separately from a local Autodesk reseller

GIS related features:

  • Enter latitude and longitude or cartesian X and Y co-ordinates whenever position information is required
  • Retrieve latitude an longitude co-ordinates directly from the graphics screen
  • Unlimited world wide geodesic datums available
  • Geodetically determine bearing and distance (using ellipsoidal or great circle calculations) between two positions
  • Geodetically determine a position from a bearing and distance (using ellipsoidal or great circle calculations)
  • Determine a theoretical magnetic variation for any position in the world and at any date

Database related features:

  • Import navigational aids, obstacles, airspace (2d and 3d), routes and positions directly from any textual or AIXM compatible database
  • Graphically find and change any data or a portion of the data in the system’s database (logical statements „IF“, „OR“, „AND“ included)
  • Export position data from the graphical database in a textual format for entry into a document or a textual database

Miscellaneous features:

  • Interactive point and click calculator with basic arithmetic, conversion and trigonometry functions
  • Determine the physical area that will be plotted at a specified scale for a specific paper size
  • Change scale of multiple objects using their origin
  • Change the width of multiple objects (lines, polylines, arcs, circles)
  • Rotate multiple objects independently while maintaining their origin
  • Simplify polylines by reducing the amount of vertices
  • Facilitate digitising of spotheights and contours including three-dimensional adjustment
  • Organise scanned maps for use in aeronautical charting or IFR procedure design

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