Aerodrome Surfaces (Annex 14)

PHX software clearly covers all aspects of obstacle limitation surfaces, for construction or analysis defined by (ICAO Annex 14) or (UK CAP 168) criteria:

Ref: ICAO, 1999. Annex 14 Third Edition, Aerodrome Standards, Aerodrome Design and Operations., ICAO, 2006. Aerodrome Design Manual, Part 1 Runway, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The guidelines set out by ICAO can be complex and time consuming when calculating limits manually. PHX can cover these complexities in a streamlined step by step environment and save a lot of research time.

Surface analyzer:
The surface analyzer is used for the initial setup of the environment around the air landing strip.

The “construct” button automatically generates a view on surface limits. (Indicating where new structures would interfere)

“Update QA” can automatically generate a report of the required information. (This can be exported to a word document format)

Quick access to critical information! In a rapidly changing environment like an airport terminal with multiple levels of management and continuous expansion to handle increasing air traffic, it would be highly advantageous to have PHX software on your side.

If you would like to see another stand-alone ICAO Annex 14 software tool that may be of interest see the following Youtube video:

or go to the webpage: