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WGS 84 Airport Surveys

An airport survey will include, runway thresholds, any inset thresholds, all navigational aids, significant obstacles within the vicinity of the airport and other airport entities.

The surveys are conducted using WGS 84 Differential Global Positioning Systems (DGPS). An Airport control network will be established using the WGS-84 ellipsoid and the ITRF 94 defined co-ordinate system. The airport control network will be connected to the international WGS-84 network via a minimum of three IGS stations (This ensures redundancy.). Once the network is established, all airport runways and entities are surveyed from the network station positions. All aerodrome obstacles will be referenced to the airport network. A full report will be provided which conforms to the ICAO specified requirements as laid down in the ICAO WGS-84 Manual. Such surveys have been conducted by ASAP s.r.o. at 10 airports.

WGS 84 Airport Surveys - ASAP s.r.o. in NigeriaWGS 84 Airport Surveys - ASAP s.r.o. in AlbaniaWGS 84 Airport Surveys - ASAP s.r.o. in Nigeria