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Special Aeronautical Studies

Burj KhalifaICAO Annex 14 paragraph 4.3.2 concerns special aeronautical studies to determine whether a structure constitutes a hazard to airplanes. 

ASAP s.r.o. was commissioned to do a special aeronautical study for what is the highest buildings in the world, the Burj Khalifa Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

A special aeronautical study is comprised of the following elements:

  • Site survey to aeronautical data quality standards (WGS84)
  • Operational considerations including air traffic management, present and projected air traffic flow
  • Annex 14 considerations
  • PANS - OPS considerations (including all IFR procedures, approach and departure at the aerodrome concerned)
  • Other ICAO standards and recommended practices
  • Aviation law and regulations
  • Affect on air navigation facilities and airport lighting (including radio navigation aids, Radar shielding and VHF reception)
  • Environmental concerns
  • Mitigating factors
  • Risk analysis
ASAP has completed over 200+ Special Aeronautical studies


Dubai CAA certification from the Civil Aviation Authority to complete Aeronautical Studies