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Flight Checks of Procedures and Navigational Aids

ASAP s.r.o. subcontracts this service to specialised flight checking units. However ASAP s.r.o. has an on hands approach to this service where the procedure designer responsible for the design of the IFR procedure is on board the flight. The procedure designer is then able to check values or make changes to the approach in real time.

ASAP s.r.o. recently checked all the procedures (22) that the company designed for Tirana airport in Albania. To achieve an independent flight check, ASAP s.r.o. hired a highly respected company from the United Kingdom. Certain anomalies were found (i.e. Nav aid coverage problems). The ASAP s.r.o. procedure designer on board was able to change the procedure in real time and provide information directly to the cockpit.

ASAP s.r.o. and FPL checking procedure in Albania

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