Aerodrome Surface Checks

ICAO Annex 14 details the 3 dimensional surfaces that should be clear of obstacles to ensure the safe running of an airport. Each obstacle or terrain around the airport must be analysed against these sloping or horizontal surfaces. The calculations required are quite detailed and ASAP s.r.o. has completed aerodrome surfaces checks at the following airports:

  • Maribor (Slovenia)
  • New Athens international 4# (Greece)
  • Lagos (Nigeria)
  • Kano (Nigeria)
  • Calabar (Nigeria)
  • Port Harcourt (Nigeria)
  • Abuja (Nigeria)
  • Sokoto (Nigeria)
  • Maiduguri (Nigeria)
  • Kaduna (Nigeria)
  • Ilorin (Nigeria)
  • Leeds UK
  • Sharm El-Sheikh (Egypt)
  • Sharjah airport (United Arab Emirates)
  • Dubai airport (United Arab Emirates)
  • Leeds (United Kingdom)