The aeronautical service provider of Norway, Avinor, has embarked on an innovative project to develop IFR Special Category I (SCAT-I) GBAS approaches throughout the country. These approaches into aerodromes within the fjords are being designed by ASAP s.r.o. It is expected that these stabilised SCAT-I approaches will bring significant benefits and greatly enhance safety at these difficult but essential airports.

ASAP has designed over 25 helicopter Point in Space (PinS) procedures for the Norwegian Air Ambulance. These new GPS approach procedures are now in use and are ready for the coming winter weather. This will dramatically increase the arrivals of critically ill patients to hospitals throughout Norway. This is ground-breaking aviation for helicopters and ASAP is pleased to be working with the Norwegian Air Ambulance on this project.

A new low level routing structure has been developed in southern Norway for use by the Norwegian Air Ambulance to connect hospital heliports throughout the region. In the en-route chart notice the landing location ENWW. This landing location services Flekkefjord and the waypoints WW710, WW720 and WW730 are the initial waypoints for the approach. The hospitals and landing locations used by the Norwegian Air Ambulance now have RNAV instrument approaches, which are linked to the en-route system and can be used in adverse weather conditions.