ASAP s.r.o. provided a total work package for the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA). This package included the following items all of which have been successfully completed:

  • A complete WGS84 airport survey of nine airports and 2 enroute VOR/DME’s.
  • The procedure design and documentation of 20 GPS procedures and over 50 SIDs and STARs.
  • The training of local staff to sustain the system.
  • Provision of procedure design and aeronautical charting software
  • A re-design of the entire Nigerian airspace
  • Converting the entire Nigerian AIP from an eight part hard copy version to a three part electronic version
  • Training of upper management staff
  • ICAO Annex 14 obstacle checks of 9 airports, some with multiple runways
  • Conversion of all aeronautical charts from hard copy to an electronic format
  • A total airspace review including civil and military airspace
  • Software conversion of all AIP geographical position information not surveyed (i.e. enroute reporting points) into WGS-84 coordinates.


GNSS approach procedures, SIDs and STARs have been designed for all 9 international airports in the country.

New aeronautical charts in an electronic format have been produced for all IFR procedures in the country.