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Periodic review 2A



In the U.S. At least once every two years the FAA is to review the approach procedure final (to include the visual portion), circling, missed approach, and Obstacle Departure Procedures (ODPs) and Diverse Vector Areas (DVAs) for any changes required, including procedure naming, an increase to visibility minimums, a flight altitude, and/or climb gradient. At least once every 4 years the FAA reviews Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STARs), SIDs and all approach procedure segments for any required changes that would require an increase to a flight altitude or climb gradient. Here is a link to the Periodic Review Document (full text):

Bill Frenz - Lead Procedure Designer - Mitre


Answer or Commentary:

5 years is what the regulation in ICAO states, you can of course put more stringent requirements. I would say if you have knowledge of something that significant alters the previous design like new obstacle data or more accurate data you should re-evaluate. If not then 5 years is ok.

Antonio Locandro -  GIS Specialist - Honduras


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