Miro Kohút

Training  Miro Kohút

Since 2006 Mr. Kohút has worked in a solo capacity and now has extensive experience in his field of Data Entry. He is responsible for the entire initial data build for any project that ASAP undertakes.

In 2012, Mr. Kohút started as trainee computer programer and took over the lecturing of PHX and Autocad courses. Mr. Kohút developed online training modules for new and existing customers.

  • Lecturing Autocad and PHX courses for Croatia
  • Lecturing Autocad and PHX courses for Nigeria
  • Lecturing Autocad and PHX courses for Russia
  • Lecturing PHX courses for UK
  • Developed and design on-line training modules for PHX & Autocad including exercises
  • Support for on-line PHX software forum.
Mr. Kohút has been working at ASAP in this field since 2004. During his first year at ASAP he was supervised and trained in the following areas:

  • Datums and datum conversions to WGS 84
  • Determination of relevant local datums
  • Topographical map theory and projections
  • AIP structure
  • Relevant AIP data and where to find it
  • Obstacle position tolerances in various situations
  • Manipulation of databases
  • The correct format of data for entry into the computer system
  • Creation of Excel data bases
  • Entry of data into Autocad and layer manipulation
  • Working with 3 dimensional data
  • Digitising and formatting of final data
  • Manipulation and entry of digital terrain models
  • Correct scanning techniques and manipulation of raster images
  • Creation of 3 dimensional terrain contours
  • Extracting relevant information from a survey report
  • Creating a quality control “Data entry” document