Martin Janiga

Captain Martin Janiga

Education: Transport University of Zilina – Masters Degree in aviation
Flight training completed: CAE, Holland type rating Fokker 100 (F/O). Monte Negro Airlines – line training Fokker 100
Flying experience: Total 6100 hrs, MPA 1610, PIC 4000 hrs, copilot 1260 hrs,

Aircraft types flown: Fokker 100, Boeing 757 and 737 NG,EFIS
Captain Janiga started working full time with ASAP in 2002. In that year he completed a 6 week Pans-Ops training course given by Ralf Sexton. After a further year of on the job training he qualified as an IFR procedure designer. From 2003 to 2005 he completed many procedure design tasks.

Captain Janiga was part of the team that worked on the following procedure design projects:

  • At Tirana airport in Albania he designed conventional and RNAV SIDs and STARs, GPS and VOR/DME approaches
  • At various airports in the Democratic Republic of Congo he designed SIDs and STARs and GPS approaches.
  • At various airports in Nigeria he completed procedure design checks of all IFR procedures in use at the airport.
  • At the new Lisbon airport in Portugal he completed an IFR procedure design feasibility studies.
  • He completed various Special Aeronautical Studies.

In 2005 Captain Janiga left ASAP to become a pilot for Slovak Airlines flying Fokker 100’s. In 2006 he obtained the position of Captain.
Captain Janiga still does a considerable amount of work for ASAP on a part time basis.