About ASAP s.r.o.

ASAP s.r.o. (Aeronautical Services And Procedures) is an established company with a proven record since 1998, ASAP s.r.o. has maintained a reputation for delivery of the highest quality solutions to our clients requirements on time and always within budget. Through the company’s extensive experience in aviation consultancy and our understanding of the industry we work with our clients to ensure that their objectives as well as their „all important“ goals are reached.

The company ASAP s.r.o. is based in Slovakia at the cross roads between the East and the West. Being based in Slovakia has given ASAP s.r.o. the opportunity to provide high quality aeronautical services to the aviation community.

The „A“sap Team

Ian Whitworth

Managing Director

Ondrej Fischer

Procedure designer

Veronika Obšitošová

Procedure Designer

Peter Kelec

Software Development

Olga Whitworth

Procedure Designer and Cartographer

Andrej Varga


Miro Kohút

Data Entry

Martin Janiga

Procedure Designer