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ASAP s.r.o. - Aeronautical Services and Procedures

The core business of ASAP s.r.o. is instrument flight procedure design world wide. The company ASAP s.r.o. - Aeronautical Services And Procedures  is based in Slovakia at the cross roads between the East and the West. Being based in Slovakia has given ASAP s.r.o. the opportunity to provide high quality instrument flight procedures to the aviation community since 1998. More about ASAP »

PHX software Users Group Meeting 2014

With Attendees from around the world: Swiss (ANSP), English (Commercial), Croatian (ANSP), Slovak (CAA and ANSP), Portugal (ANSP), Malta (CAA), United Arab Emirates (CAA, ANSP, Commercial), Slovenian (ANSP), Germany (Commercial), New Zealand (ANSP)

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Aeronautical Services

ASAP s.r.o. provides high-quality aeronautical services in the following areas:



Here is an informal international forum for discussion and information concerning  instrument (IFR) procedure design.

Last 10 submissions in Discussion

320. - 14.01.2015 -

Procedure naming 3

319. - 14.01.2015 -

RNAV routes 3

318. - 12.01.2015 -

RNAV routes 2

317. - 23.12.2014 -

Radar Vectoring

316. - 24.11.2014 -

Procedure naming 2

315. - 24.11.2014 -

Procedure naming 1

314. - 17.04.2014 -

Fas data block and accuracy

312. - 29.08.2012 -

Baro-VNAV alignment 2

311. - 27.08.2012 -

Baro-VNAV alignment


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